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Your Inner Fish PDF is a book about evolution and how it affects every part of our bodies. The author starts by talking about a fossil he found in the arctic tundra in 1988. This fossil was from a fish called Tiktaalik roseae, which lived in shallow water around 375 million years ago.

Furthermore, Tiktaalik had many characteristics that were similar to land animals, such as a neck and ribs. Still, it also had characteristics similar to fish, such as gills and fins. This fossil was significant because it showed an intermediate step between fish and tetrapods.

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Quick Summary of Your Inner Fish PDF

Book Name Your Inner Fish PDF
Written By Neil Shubin
Published Date 2008
Page Count 256 Pages
Download Size 5.42 MB
Downloads 12,473 Downloads

Review of Your Inner Fish Book

Your Inner Fish talks about how we evolved from fish and how we are still closely related to them. The book is divided into three parts, each with different types of fish: Cartilaginous fish (sharks), bony fish, and lobe-finned fish. Each part has its timeline for when these species appeared on Earth and how they evolved into what they are today.

The author starts by talking about how he discovered this idea of “Your Inner Fish” by finding fossils in China. He found these fossils in a riverbed by the Yellow River near Beijing. He found some strange-looking bones that looked like nothing he had ever seen!

Moreover, he took these bones back to his lab, where he could identify them as the inner ear bone of a shark-like creature that lived 425 million years ago!

This discovery got him thinking… Maybe there were more creatures like this one out there waiting to be discovered? This led him on a fantastic journey around the world, where he found many other ancient fossils… Some were even older than the ones he had found in China!

FAQs of Your Inner Fish Book

Who is the author of your inner fish pdf?

Neil Shubin is the author of your inner fish pdf.

Why is it called Your Inner Fish?

The idea for the book came from a visit to China several years ago. I was struck by how similar the anatomy of fish and humans is—and that made me wonder why we don’t learn more about this in school. We should be aware of it because it tells us a lot about our origins.

How many pages in Your Inner Fish?

There are 256 pages in Your Inner Fish.

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