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Tomorrow When the War Began PDF is a novel by Australian author John Marsden. First published in 1993, it was written for younger readers but has been praised by critics for its themes of courage and loyalty. The book has been likened to Lord of the Flies and Strangers on a Train.

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Summary of Tomorrow When the War Began PDF

Book Name Tomorrow When the War Began PDF
Written By John Marsden
Published Date 1993
Page Count 286 Pages
Download Size 1.31 MB
Downloads 2,098 Downloads

The Storyline of Tomorrow When the War Began 

tomorrow when the war began pdf

Tomorrow When the War Began is a young adult novel that follows a group of teens fighting against an invasion of their home country. The novel is split into two sections: an introduction, which sets up how the invasion came about and affected the characters. The second section is a story about what happens to them during and after the invasion.

The book opens with Ellie and her friends having a sleepover at their friend Corrie’s place. They’re all getting ready for school the next day when they hear helicopters flying overhead. They assume it’s just some training exercise, but their parents tell them not to worry about it.

Just before they go to bed, Ellie’s dad shows up. He tells them there has been some attack on Australia’s capital city, Canberra. Still, there are no reports of any casualties yet.

In the morning, they learn that there have been deaths in Canberra and that Australia has declared war on Indonesia, who they suspect is behind the attack on Canberra. Ellie’s parents decide to evacuate them from their home in rural Western Australia to stay with family friends in Melbourne until things settle down. At the same time, they’re on the road traveling southward toward Melbourne.

FAQs of Tomorrow When the War Began 

Is Tomorrow When the War Began available online?

Yes, you can find it online. You can download and read it from our website.

What is the genre of this book?

The genre of this book is adventure, drama, and thriller.

Who are the main characters in the Tomorrow When the War Began series?

Ellie Linton, Homer Yannos, and Kevin Lewis are the main characters in these books. They have been friends since childhood and live in an isolated part of Australia called Wirrawee. They also have unique personalities and characteristics that make them stand out from one another.

However, their friendship has been tested many times throughout their lives. Still, they always come together as a team when needed most.

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