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The Titan’s Curse PDF is the third Percy Jackson and the Olympians series book. It was released in April 2007. The story is about Percy Jackson and his friends chosen to go on a quest to save Camp Half-Blood from the evil Titan Lord Kronos and his army of monsters. The main characters in this book are Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood, Tyson, and Rachel Beckett.

Quick Summary of The Titan’s Curse PDF

Book Name The Titan’s Curse PDF
Writer Rick Riordan
Published Year 2009
Page Count 207 Pages
Download Size 500 KB
Downloads 34,043 Downloads

The Storyline of The Titan’s Curse Novel 

The story begins with Percy and Annabeth meeting Grover and Tyson on their way to Camp Half-Blood. They go to a diner where they meet two men in black suits, who are Ares’ minions and want to kill Percy because he has been seen fighting giants who belong to Ares’ family.

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Percy Jackson is a teenage boy with ADHD who can see through animals’ eyes when he touches them. He has dyslexia which makes it hard for him to read. Percy has been told he is a demigod; his father is Poseidon, and his mother is Sally Jackson (a mortal).

Percy’s troubles start when he discovers that he has dyslexia and can’t read well. Then he finds out that he is a demigod, which means that his dad is Poseidon. Another problem arises when Percy’s mom gets kidnapped by Hades because she refuses to marry him. Percy must go on a quest with friends to save his mom and Camp Half-Blood from being destroyed by Kronos’ army!

Common FAQs of the Titans Curse 

How many pages are in the titans curse pdf?

There are more than 207 pages in the titans curse pdf.

What is the publication date of The Titan’s Curse?

The Titan’s Curse was published in April 2009.

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