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The Four Winds PDF is a novel about the Civil War by Kristin Hannah. It is a story about two families, one Union and one Confederate, who must unite to fight for survival. It is one of the great books that I would recommend to anyone who likes drama and romance.

Quick Summary of The Four Winds PDF

Book Name The Four Winds PDF
Written By Kristin Hannah
Published Date 2021
Page Count 464 Pages
Download Size 3.4 MB
Downloads 21,716 Downloads

Review of The Four Winds PDF 

the four winds pdf novel

The story begins with a young girl named Sarah Fuller who lives on her father’s plantation in Georgia near Atlanta. Her father is killed during the battle for Atlanta, and Sarah is sent to live with her aunt and uncle in Virginia, where she meets their son John McKee.

The latter has been wounded in battle at Gettysburg. Sarah nurses him back to health and falls in love with him even though he is engaged to another woman. When John leaves for Missouri after recovering from his wounds, Sarah follows him there only to find that he has abandoned her and joined the Confederate army as an officer under General Bragg.

She eventually finds herself arrested by Union troops while trying to return home. She is then imprisoned at Camp Chase outside of Columbus, Ohio, where she meets another prisoner Frank Rhodes.

FAQs of The Four Winds Book

How long is the Four Winds Pdf?

The Four Winds pdf is about 464 pages long and contains the main text of the novel. The book is divided into seven parts, which are further divided into chapters. There are no sub-chapters in this novel.

What is the genre of four winds?

The four winds is a romantic novel set in modern times. It revolves around two sisters living together after their parent’s death and their emotional and physical journeys to find love and happiness in life.

Who wrote the four winds novel?

Kristin Hannah wrote this novel under her pen name Kristin Hannah. She has written many other books, such as The Nightingale, Firefly Lane, Firefly Summer, Winter Garden, etc. These books have been critically acclaimed by readers across the globe and have sold millions of copies worldwide too!

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