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The Fifth Season PDF is an epic fantasy novel that begins with the end of the world and then continues to show how humanity rebuilds itself over centuries. The book is broken into three parts, each representing a different period in this world’s history: The Broken Earth, The Awakened Earth, and The Unraveled Earth.

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Book Name The Fifth Season PDF
Written By N. K. Jemisin
Published Year 2016
Page Count 346 Pages
Download Size 2.84 MB
Downloads 22,405 Downloads

Review of the Fifth Season Book PDF

The Fifth Season is an excellent continuation of the Broken Earth trilogy by N. K. Jemisin. The first three books were all nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Novel, and The Fifth Season won in 2016. I would recommend reading them to get the full impact of this story, but you can also read this as a standalone book if you wish.

The Fifth Season occurs after the great cataclysmic event known as the Fifth Season that occurs every few centuries on Earth. This time, a continent-wide earthquake destroyed most of civilization and killed millions of people worldwide. It’s up to a group of survivors in their quest to find safety and rebuild their lives after such destruction by harnessing their innate abilities as orogens (people who can control seismic activity).

The main character Essun is an orogene who can control earthquakes and wants revenge against her husband for killing their son Alabaster and kidnapping their daughter Nassun years ago when she was still young enough to be molded into what he wanted.

She travels across the land seeking him out while trying not to lose herself or her sanity along with everything else she loves in her life as well as those she cares about most dearly.

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