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The Cruel Prince PDF is for those looking for a book that mixes fantasy, comedy, mystery, and drama. The author Holly Black is a master at weaving a story around the characters. It will draw your attention to itself. Now, you can download the PDF version of The Cruel Prince and enjoy it on your PC or Smartphone.

Quick Summary of The Cruel Prince PDF

Book Name The Cruel Prince PDF
Written By Holly Black
Published Date 2018
Page Count 271 Pages
Download Size 3 MB
Downloads 13,276 Downloads

Overview of The Cruel Prince Novel

The Cruel Prince is the story of Jude and her six younger brothers and sisters. After her father died in a catastrophic war, the family was left with nothing. Still, however, her mother managed to raise her children well. Unfortunately, Jude became very jealous of her beautiful sister and wanted to look like her, so she turned to the Dark Court Fairy.

The Fairy agreed on one condition: that Jude will serve her as her slave in exchange for beauty. Jude accepted the terms and wished she looked just like her sister but what happened next was unexpected. Jude found out that she knew there was something wrong with being a slave, but she refused to let it go because she was already pretty.

Common FAQs about The Cruel Prince Novel

Who is the author of the cruel prince book?

Holly Black is the author of this book. She is an American writer and editor known for young adult and children’s fiction.

How many pages are in the cruel prince pdf?

The cruel prince has 271 pages.

Can I download the cruel prince pdf file?

Yes, you can download the cruel prince pdf file from our website. If you want to read the book online, you can also read it online.

Is it legal to print and read this book?

Yes, you can print and read this book legally. However, if you want to share the PDF file with your friends or family, you should check for their permission.

Final Words

The crux of the whole story is the development of Jude’s character alone and his journey to an appreciation for love. Still, other characters in the book make their presence felt in a significant way, including Cardan, King Arthur, and Jude’s new wife, Princess Arabella.

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