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The Argonauts PDF is a short novel by Maggie Nelson, published in 2009. It is a book that explores the idea of gender and the fluidity of identity in contemporary culture. The book has eleven sections covering various aspects of relationships, including marriage and children.

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Quick Summary of The Argonauts PDF

Book Name The Argonauts
Written By Maggie Nelson
Published Year 2015
Page Count 160 Pages
Download Size 18 MB
Downloads 12,405 Downloads

About The Argonauts Book

The Argonauts PDF book

The story’s main character is a young woman born male but now identifies as female. She has been called many names throughout her life: “she” being one of them. Her name changes several times throughout this story.

In one instance, she’s referred to as “he.” As she grows older and becomes more comfortable with her identity as a female, she begins to change her name to reflect that fact. Her name changes over time because she begins to feel compelled to express herself on an emotional level rather than using words or language as a means of communication.

She adopts feminine traits like jewelry and clothing, which were previously forbidden for men at this period in history (the era depicted in The Argonauts). The story explores how gender can be fluid depending on your environment and where you find yourself at any given moment in life.

Furthermore, it also examines how people’s identities can change over time based on their surroundings and their experiences with other people around them. This book is excellent for anyone interested in learning more about gender identity issues today!

FAQs of The Argonauts PDF

What is a PDF file?

A PDF file is a computer file that contains both text and images. It allows you to view the text on a computer screen or print documents on paper.

How many pages are in The Argonauts?

The book has over 184 pages.

What is the book about?

The Argonauts is a long poem by Maggie Nelson in a post-apocalyptic future world. It follows three characters, two young men and one young woman, as they try to survive the aftermath of a nuclear war. The narrative is told from multiple points of view and explores themes of gender identity.

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