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Oryx and Crake PDF is a novel by Canadian writer Margaret Atwood. It was published in 2003 by McClelland and Stewart and has been translated into more than twenty languages. It is set in the near future, where the human race has been destroyed by a pandemic virus known as the “Snowman Flu.”

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Quick Summary of the Oryx and Crake PDF

Book Name Oryx and Crake PDF
Written By Margaret Atwood
Published Date 2013
Page Count 389 Pages
Download Size 1 MB
Downloads 2,654 Downloads

The Storyline of Oryx and Crake Novel

The Oryx and Crake is a dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood. The book is set soon after a pandemic has killed many of the world’s population. The novel takes place on a remote island in the Arctic Ocean where Jimmy, an animal lover and amateur scientist, lives with his best friend, Toby.

The Oryx and Crake begin with Jimmy reminiscing about his childhood as he looks for oryxes to photograph for his book on endangered species. He describes his idyllic life in an unnamed country similar to Canada and how he met Toby at school when they were both children.

He also talks about how his father was murdered when he was young, so the family moved away from their small-town home to live with relatives in the city. Jimmy meets Crake when they are both teenagers at a party where Crake introduces him to meat pie and ice cream cake that tastes like custard but doesn’t melt like regular ice cream.

Furthermore, Jimmy falls in love with Crake immediately because he’s intelligent, handsome, and funny, but it turns out that Crake isn’t interested in Jimmy; he wants to sleep with him so he can get his DNA sample.

Common FAQs of Oryx and Crake

Who are the main characters in Oryx and Crake?

The main characters are Jimmy, Snowman, and Crake. Jimmy is a young genius who creates a cure for cancer when he is just a kid. Snowman is Jimmy’s best friend, and Crake is an eccentric genius who later becomes the leader of an underground society called ‘God’s Gardeners.’

What is the plot of Oryx and Crake?

The plot follows Snowman as he tries to uncover his past by following clues left by Crake. He ends up meeting Jimmy, another survivor who isn’t sure what has happened either. After some searching, they both find themselves at The Green Place, where they meet Oryx, another survivor who helps them understand what happened in the past.

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