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Are you Bored and Tired of the routine in life? Do you have to go with a plain old free eBook or take the leap and invest in a bestseller that has been on the market for decades? Well, here you can go for the Nothing Lasts Forever PDF. This article is about the review of this book.

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Quick Summary of the Nothing Lasts Forever PDF

Book Name Nothing Lasts Forever PDF
Written By Sheldon Sidney
Published Date 1979
Page Count 224 Pages
Download Size  608 KB
Downloads 12,276 Downloads

Nothing Lasts Forever Review

Nothing Lasts Forever PDF book

Three women, each with their own story. This is a realistic story about doctors and their struggles to overcome their personal demons. These women are wreaking havoc in the lives of other doctors and their families.

Nothing lasts forever book is about 3 different female doctors working in the same hospital. Dr. Paige Taylor is on trial for the murder of a patient that she testifies was euthanasia. Dr. Kat Hunter gets involved with a deadly bet, and Dr. Honey Taft feels forced to become a doctor and does everything besides her job.

It is a realistic portrayal of the hospital. It’s hard to imagine yourself in this place. The 3 women’s stories are interrelated, and the book is told from the doctors’ perspective.

Furthermore, the back stories of the characters were really well done. The characters are imperfect but real people with flaws and shortcomings. And they deal with the everyday problems of life. The book is a great read, and I recommend it to everyone.

Common FAQs about Nothing Last Forever

When was nothing lasts forever written?

Nothing lasts forever was written in 1979 by Sheldon Sidney.

What is the genre of this book?

Basically, it is a crime fiction novel.

Is it a paid book?

No, you can download its PDF version free of cost from our website by clicking on the Download Button.


All in all, Nothing Lasts forever book is very fast-paced, but it is also very informative. You feel you’ve been screwed over by Sheldon and that there’s nothing you can do to change the situation. So, if you are looking for a thriller and crime fiction book, look no further than nothing lasts forever.

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