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Neil Gaiman is one of the most lauded and celebrated authors in the world today. His books have won numerous awards and been adapted into films and television shows. Neverwhere PDF is one of his most beloved works, which has been adapted into a TV series on BBC America that aired in 2019. Anansi Boys is another famous book of the same writer.

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Book Name Neverwhere PDF
Written By Neil Gaiman
Published Date 1996
Page Count 464 Pages
Download Size 2 MB
Downloads 5,121 Downloads

Review of Neverwhere 

Neverwhere is one of the most popular books by Neil Gaiman, an author who has been called “the storyteller for our times” by The Times. The book is set in London and tells the story of Richard Mayhew, a young businessman. He finds himself in a strange world beneath London where there are no rules, and anything goes.

The book starts with Richard Mayhew’s life as an ordinary man – he works in an office; he has an ex-girlfriend; his best friend is a nurse named Door who works at the hospital where his mother died. One day, he meets Door again and asks her out for dinner since she was always nice to him when he was young.

When he returns home, he finds that something strange has happened to his entire apartment building – all its inhabitants have disappeared into thin air. He soon learns they were abducted by some mysterious force living below ground level beneath London – which turns out not just to be a place but also another dimension or world where magic exists.

Neverwhere Summary

The Neverwhere summary tells us that Richard Mayhew has been living in London for three years when one day, he meets Door while walking home from work.

She asks him to help her find her father, who has gone missing, and he agrees, despite not knowing anything about what she is talking about or where she comes from. He takes her home, where she explains all about London Below.

In this magical place, time moves differently than it does above ground. There are people called Marquis who rule over everything below ground in London.

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