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One of the most difficult things to do in publishing is to conceive a storyline that has never been explored. Author Brandon Sanderson has done that with his latest release, Mistborn The Final Empire PDF. It is the first book in a high fantasy series of novels written by American author Brandon Sanderson.

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Quick Summary of Mistborn the Final Empire PDF

Book Name Mistborn The Final Empire PDF
Written By Brandon Sanderson
Published Date 2006
Page Count 752 Pages
Download Size  2.71 MB
Downloads 50,098 Downloads

Review of Mistborn the Final Empire

Mistborn the Final Empire PDF book

I read this book a long time ago, and I am reading it again. I am a huge fan of Brandon Sanderson’s writing style. He has a way of making his characters realistic and seems like real people. Mistborn was published on July 17, 2006, five years after his debut novel, Elantris, to fix its weaknesses.

The Final Empire is about a young man named Vin who has a talent for Allomancy (the ability to burn metals in your body to gain certain powers). She gets caught up in the politics of the Final Empire when Kelsier comes to recruit her into his crew as they try to free Luthadel from the Lord Ruler.

The Final Empire is one of those books that reminds me why I love reading so much! It was written in such a way that made me feel like I was right there with Vin during all her adventures! The only thing I would say about this book is that it takes some time for things to pick up speed, but once they do, it’s like you can’t put it down.

Common FAQs about Mistborn the Final Empire Book

What is the genre of Mistborn, the final empire novel?

Mistborn is a Fantasy novel.

Who published Mistborn?

Tor Books is the publisher of Mistborn the final empire novel.

Is Mistborn and the final Empire the same book?

Yes, of course, it is the same book.

Is Mistborn the final empire pdf free?

Yes, Mistborn pdf is free of cost and you can download a pdf file from our website without paying a single penny.


As the first installment to Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy, this is the final novel in the popular fantasy series. This novel focuses on the world’s original magic and magical ruler, a mixture of allomancy and feruchemy, strange but powerful magic.

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