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Lord of Chaos is the most thrilling, action-packed, and wonderful fantasy book. It is one of the best books by Robert Jordan. It is a Story of family, secrets, loss, betrayal, friendships, and laughter. We have Uploaded the Lord of Chaos PDF to download and enjoy this book on your smart devices.

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Quick Summary of the Lord of Chaos PDF

Book Name Lord of Chaos PDF
Written By Robert Jordan
Published Date 1994
Page Count 987 Pages
Download Size 4.1 MB
Downloads 12,412 Downloads

Overview of Lord of Chaos Book

download lord of chaos pdf

Lord of Chaos is the 6th book of The Wheel of Time series. It was published on October 15, 1994, and was nominated for the Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel in 1995. Lord of Chaos consists of 55 chapters and an epilogue. It is the first book of the Wheel of Time to have an epilogue.

It would be best if you also read the other books in the series. They are all really good. This book is just a nice change of pace for a moment. I could not put the book down for long periods for the first time because I simply had to know what would happen next.

The ending of this story is fantastic because it was unexpected and had such big ramifications. It felt like everything finally came to a hugely pivotal moment.

This book is one of those rare books where the writing is so engaging, so fascinating, that the reader will literally have to take a break from reading and just walk away because otherwise, they’d be unable to stop themselves from flipping.

FAQs about Lord of Chaos

Who dies in Lord of Chaos?

Morgase is dead in the Lord of Chaos, who Dragon Reborn killed.

Who is the author of Lord of Chaos?

James Oliver Rigney Jr. is the author of this book. He is an American writer better known by his pen name Robert Jordan.

How many pages is the Lord of Chaos?

It has 987 pages.

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