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Inkspell PDF is the second book in the Inkheart trilogy. It continues the story of Meggie, her father Mo, and Dustfinger. It is a story about love, loss, and loyalty. Now, download Inkspell PDF and enjoy this fantastic novel on your smart devices.

Quick Summary of Inkspell PDF

Book Name Inkspell PDF
Written By Cornelia Funke
Published Year 2005
Page Count 370 Pages
Download Size 2.74 MB
Downloads 21,043 Downloads

The Storyline of Inkspell 

The book begins with Meggie reading from Inkheart. She reads about Dustfinger and his escape from Capricorn’s dungeon with Farid on horseback. The story takes place in Italy, and Capricorn’s henchmen chase them. They try to hide in a cave, but it is an illusion caused by Inkheart.

inkspell pdf book

They fall into an abyss and are separated from each other. Meggie realizes that she needs to find out how to get back home so she can save Dustfinger’s life again after what happened in Inkheart.

She meets up with Farid, who has been living on his own since their last meeting in Inkheart, and he tells her that he’s been searching for a book that will help them get back home but hasn’t found anything useful yet.

He tells her about some people who live near where they landed called “the Bulgers”. They are known for making books disappear if they don’t like them and returning them if you ask nicely enough.

The story continues in Inkspell when Meggie learns she can also read people out of books and bring them to life! She uses this power to rescue Dustfinger from Capricorn’s castle (after he gets caught stealing some books). Still, unfortunately, he is not very happy about being saved by Meggie since.

Common FAQs of Inkspell Novel

Who is the author of inkspell book?

The author of Inkspell is Cornelia Funke.

What type of book is inkspell?

Inkspell is a fantasy novel.

How many pages are in this novel?

Inkspell has 370 pages.

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