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House of Leaves PDF is a novel by Mark Z. Danielewski, published in 2000. It was his first published book and has been acclaimed as a significant work of fiction composed in the style of hypertext or literature written in a nonlinear fashion.

Summary of House of Leaves PDF

Book Name House of Leaves PDF
Written By Mark Z. Danielewski
Published Year 2000
Page Count 709 Pages
Download Size  5.1 MB
Downloads 23,893 Downloads

The Storyline of the House of Leaves Book

The story takes place in Los Angeles, California. It follows Johnny Truant as he tries to find out what happened to his friend who died while working on a manuscript of an obscure book called The Navidson Record. When Johnny starts reading the manuscript, he realizes that the book is based on some strange events in a house where the Navidson family lived.

The book talks about strange occurrences inside the house, such as doors that open into other dimensions and rooms that appear out of nowhere.

Johnny also learns about a strange guy named Zampano, who wrote this manuscript before committing suicide. Johnny then goes back in time to learn more about Zampano and how he suddenly died after finishing his work on The Navidson Record project.

Common FAQs of House of Leaves Book

Is it safe to read the House of Leaves ebook on my Mac or PC?

Reading the House of Leaves ebook on your Mac or PC is safe. However, since the book is not available for free download from any website, you will have to purchase this book from Amazon or any other online store or e-commerce site offering this book for sale.

How long does it take to read this book?

It depends on how fast you are reading. Still, we suggest you take at least 8 hours to finish reading this book as it has over 700 pages and is written in a small font size so that you can enjoy reading it clearly.

Why should I read this book?

This book is a short, concise summary of Mark Z Danielewski’s masterpiece that can be read in one sitting or two if necessary. It covers all the main themes and concepts of the novel and includes examples from the text. It also includes some important information on how to read House of Leaves.

Is this book available in other languages?

Yes, house of leaves has been translated into more than 25 languages.


House of Leaves PDF is an unsettling novel that reflects the ambition and craft of Poe. In addition to its complexity as a story, it also challenges the form of written expression. The book has no square pages or chapters because it is not set in normalcy. Readers should be warned that House of Leaves will chill them to their core with the labyrinth’s horrors.

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