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Are you looking for a tragic novel to read? Well, here is Heart Bones by Collen Hover. It is one of the best novels in the Romance and domestic fiction genres. You can download Heart Bones PDF to read it on your mobile device, PC, or laptop.

Quick Summary of the Heart Bones PDF

Book Name Heart Bones PDF
Written By Colleen Hoover
Published Year 2020
Page Count 336 Pages
Download Size  1.3 MB
Downloads 5,276 Downloads

The Storyline of Heart Bones Novel

Colleen Hoover is a well-known writer of heartbreaking and intense novels. He is also the writer of the popular romantic novel It Ends With Us.  Even though I just said it was heartbreaking, Heart Bones is surprisingly an easy, enjoyable read.

The story is about a girl Beyah, who grew up in poverty with her single, drug-addicted mother. She was abused in childhood and had a difficult childhood. Her early life wasn’t auspicious. She was raised in an unstable home.

At 19 years old, she has a volleyball scholarship in Pennsylvania. Still, with her mother dying of an overdose and no place to go, she’s forced to live with her estranged father.

She moved to a beach house with her dad and now has a stepmom and stepsister. Her next-door neighbor is a rich boy called Samson, who hides behind his camera with his secrets and mysteries. On the beach, Beyah learns what it means to trust, love, and be loved. She never expected to have a real family, but she now has one, thanks to Samson.

It’s almost a tragic love between two broken souls with their Romance having an end date once summer ends, though you can’t help but root for them anyway. If you’re looking for a beach, read that it’s a little bit sad and a lot of fun; heart Bones is a good choice.

FAQs About Heart Bones Novel

What age is heart bones appropriate for?

Heart bones is appropriate for the age of eighteen and above.

Is heart bones has a happy ending?

Although the novel is based on a tragic story, it has a happy ending.

Is heart bones standalone?

Yes, it is a standalone novel by Colleen Hoover.

How many pages are in heart bones?

There are 336 pages in the Heart Bones PDF.

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