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The Give and Take book is a fascinating read. It is an excellent book for managers, leaders, and people who want to be successful in their life. The author’s writing style is simple, engaging, and easy to understand. You can download the Give and Take PDF to enjoy this book on your smart devices.

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Quick Summary of the Give and Take PDF

Book Name Give and Take PDF
Written By Adam Grant
Published Year 2013
Page Count 344 Pages
Download Size 1.71 MB
Downloads 17,405 Downloads

Review of the Give and Take Book

Give and Take is a book by Adam Grant, showing how we think about work and success might be wrong. It is about how we can get ahead in life by being generous. The book also talks about how to find a balance between being nice and being selfish.

give and take by adam grant

The main idea of this book is that it is more important to be generous than smart when it comes to success. By being generous, you can gain more trust, and thus more opportunities will come your way. In contrast, if you are smart but not generous, people might not trust you as much and therefore will not give you those opportunities.

Adam Grant has interviewed hundreds of successful people in different fields such as business, sports, politics, etc., and found out that most of them were at least somewhat generous – they cared about others’ welfare as well as their own.

Some of them were even extreme givers who would go out of their way to help others without expecting anything back in return; however, this did not stop them from becoming successful or achieving their goals.

Common FAQs of Give and Take

What is the book about?

The book is about how to get ahead in work and in life. It focuses on how you can use your strengths to get ahead at work and build relationships with people to get what you want.

Who wrote the Give and Take?

The Give and Take was written by Adam Grant, a Wharton School of Business professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He has also published many other books, including Originals:

Final Words

Give and Take book can be read by anyone who wants to learn more about how to be successful in your career and personal life. It’s a great guide for anyone who wants to be successful at what they do or achieve their goals faster than others.

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