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Freakonomics PDF is a book about the hidden side of everything. The book is based on a series of columns first appearing in The New York Times Magazine. The authors use economics to explain why sumo wrestlers cheat, why real estate agents are more attractive than economists, and how to crack dealers determine whether to drive or walk their neighborhoods.

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Quick Summary of Freakonomics PDF

Book Name Freakonomics PDF
Written By Steven Levitt & Stephen Dubner
Published Date 2005
Page Count 352 Pages
Download Size 2.08 MB
Downloads 19,043 Downloads

About Freakonomics Book

Freakonomics is a groundbreaking collaboration between Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. This book explores the hidden side of everything with rigorous analysis and wry insight.

Moreover, Freakonomics is a series of stories about how people are rewarded for doing things that don’t make sense. It’s about cheating, crime, parenting, and other topics that have little in common except an underlying theme

Freakonomics is built around Levitt’s research, much done with Dubner’s help. They explore questions like “Why do drug dealers live with their moms”? “Why do children who bear at the stroke of midnight on January 1st have a higher chance of becoming professional athletes?”

Their conclusions often have surprising — and sometimes disturbing — answers. Furthermore, Freakonomics is a richly illustrated book with charts, graphs, and diagrams illuminating the authors’ ideas in ways never before seen in nonfiction books.

In his review, Steven Levitt states that Freakonomics is an interesting book that helps people understand why we are doing things the way we are doing them just by looking at data from different angles.

It also explores how to look at things differently by making sense of seemingly unrelated facts or events through easy-to-understand language and persuasive arguments (Levitt). He further mentions how this book will help readers see their surroundings differently.

FAQs of Freakonomics PDF

Can I get the Freakonomics pdf for free?

Yes, it’s possible to get the Freakonomics pdf for free. Just click on Download Button at the top of this post to get a PDF file of Freakonomics.

Who is Steven Levitt?

Steven Levitt is an American economist best known for his collaboration with Stephen Dubner on the book Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything (2005), which popularized economic research that examined how incentives affect human behavior outside traditional academic thought.

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