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Fire and Blood is a history book by George R. R. Martin, set approximately 300 years before the events of Game of Thrones. It focuses on the Targaryen civil war known as “The Dance of Dragons”, a bloody conflict that tore Westeros apart. You can download the Fire and Blood PDF from our website by clicking the below-given link.

Quick Summary of Fire and Blood PDF

Book Name Fire and Blood PDF
Written By George R. R. Martin
Published Date 2018
Page Count 719 Pages
Download Size 14.1 MB
Downloads 55,276 Downloads

Fire and Blood Book Review

The first book of the Song of Ice and Fire series, A Game of Thrones, is a masterpiece. It was the best-selling fantasy novel of 2000 and the third-best-selling of all time. The series has been translated into over 20 languages.

A Song of Ice and Fire is set in a fictional world inspired by medieval history and European legend elements. The series chronicles the struggle for power between noble families in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, divided into several “crownlands”, each ruled by a member of the ruling dynasty.

Most POV characters are nobles or lowborn commoners who are thrust into positions where they must play essential roles in the intrigues in the royal courts. The narrative features politics, intrigue, warfare, romance, and magic on two continents (Westeros and Essos), with brief visits to other locations such as Braavos and Dorne.

The story has been compared to historical fiction about English history by authors like Hilary Mantel (a contemporary version of Henry VIII’s reign) or Bernard Cornwell (who writes about Arthurian Britain). Martin himself has also cited J. R.

Common FAQs of Fire and Blood 

Who wrote Fire and Blood?

Fire and Blood is a book written by George R.R. Martin. He is also a writer of the famous book A Dance with Dragons.

What is the Fire and Blood Novel?

The Fire and Blood PDF is a companion guide to George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. It contains over 719 pages of new information and art that did not make it into the final text of the book.

Is the Fire and Blood PDF free?

Yes! You can get it free from our website!

How long is the Fire and Blood PDF?

This guide has over 719 pages of new content, including full-color illustrations, family trees, maps by George R. R. Martin, excerpts from recently discovered historical texts, and more!

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