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Digital Fortress is the story of a cryptography professor and his students. They find themselves in the middle of a conspiracy involving the NSA, encryption, and a secret code that could change the world. So, download the Digital fortress PDF to enjoy this thrilling novel.

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Quick Summary of the Digital Fortress PDF

Book Name Digital Fortress PDF
Written By Dan Brown
Published Date 1998
Page Count 480 Pages
Download Size 1 MB
Downloads 2,716 Downloads

The Storyline of Digital Fortress PDF

The setting is Washington DC, where we meet David Becker. He is a professor at Georgetown University, and his students are trying to break an encrypted message from one of his former colleagues, Professor Robert Langdon.

The message is from an unnamed source who has seen something so disturbing that they feel compelled to contact Langdon, but not through conventional means.

They want him to find Becker and tell him about an old buddy who was killed for knowing too much about something called “Digital Fortress.” This book is all about secrets and codes, so much so that it becomes its plot device.

digital fortress pdf

The NSA wants Gideon to find out who did it as soon as possible so that they can stop him from releasing any more information that could harm national security. Gideon comes up with some theories about who might have done it and starts looking for evidence to support these theories.

When he finds some evidence leading him toward one particular person, he starts following this lead. Still, he finds out that more than one person is involved in this conspiracy. Things become more complicated than he expected them to be.

FAQs of Digital Fortress Book

Who wrote the digital fortress book?

The author of Digital Fortress is Dan Brown. He is an American novelist famous for his works on historical mysteries and religious themes (Wikipedia). His other books include The da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, and Deception Point.

Where can I download the digital fortress pdf?

You can get the digital fortress pdf from this website. All our PDF Books are free to download and 100% virus-free.

Final Words

I think this book would appeal most to people who like thrillers or mysteries because its main focus is solving puzzles. Moreover, the book is about finding clues that make sense only after you know what the whole picture looks like when you put all the pieces together at once.

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