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Cold Mountain PDF is an epic novel by Charles Frazier. The story is set during the American Civil War and tells the story of Inman. He is a wounded and disoriented Confederate soldier who must make his way back to his love Ada in Cold Mountain, North Carolina.

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Book Name Cold Mountain PDF
Written By Charles Frazier
Published Date 1997
Page Count 232 Pages
Download Size 2.55 MB
Downloads 55,208 Downloads

Review of Cold Mountain Book

The Cold Mountain book was published in 1997 and won the National Book Award. Since then, it has sold over three million copies worldwide with translations into above twenty-five languages. This book has garnered many awards, including the National Book Critics Circle Award for Fiction, New York Times Bestseller List (fiction), and Los Angeles Times Bestseller List (fiction).

The story follows Inman, a wounded Confederate soldier who leaves the army and travels home to North Carolina after the Civil War ends. Along the way, he meets a young woman named Ada, who travels to her aunt’s house in Cold Mountain. The two falls in love, and Inman agrees to marry her as soon as he reaches his destination.

When Inman finally arrives at Cold Mountain, he discovers that Ada is not there anymore and has moved away without telling anyone what happened to her. He sets out on another journey, this time determined to find Ada again and have their marriage ceremony performed by her aunt.”

It was also adapted into a film that starred Jude Law as Inman and Nicole Kidman as Ada. The movie received mixed reviews from critics but did well at the box office, earning over $80 million in its opening weekend alone.

FAQs of Cold Mountain 

How does Charles Frazier describe the characters in the book?

Charles Frazier describes the characters in a way that makes them seem real and relatable. He adds small details about their lives to make them feel like living people instead of fictional characters.

Did Charles Frazier write this book based on his personal experiences?

Charles Frazier wrote this book based on his personal experiences and those around him throughout his life, growing up in North Carolina and studying at Duke University, where he met John Coetzee. The latter later became one of his most significant influences in writing books.

What is the theme of Cold Mountain?

The theme of Cold Mountain is that you shouldn’t let the past control your life, but you should learn from it and move on.

Final Words

In the end, the Cold Mountain novel by Charles Frazier is a classic piece of literature that has become a staple in American high school classrooms. You should download the PDF version of Cold Mountain to enjoy this fantastic book.

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