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“Circe” is a reimagining of the ancient Greek myth of the same name, following the story of Circe, a goddess. The latter lives on an island populated only by women. She has strange powers that allow her to turn men into animals – what she calls her “wicked art.” You can download the Circe PDF and enjoy the whole story.

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Quick Summary of the Circe PDF

Book Name Circe PDF
Written By Madeline Miller
Published Date 2018
Page Count 335 Pages
Download Size 1.4 MB
Downloads 12,900 Downloads

Review of Circe PDF

download circe pdf

The story of Circe has been told many times. I’m sure there are countless versions of this myth, but this is new to me. It was so good! Circe is a witch who lives on an island with other witches and gods. She’s been there long and doesn’t remember anything before that.

One day, Odysseus arrives and asks for help getting home to his family. She agrees to help him, but she realizes she’s fallen in love with him after he leaves. She wants to go after him, but her family won’t allow it because they’re afraid she’ll die out in the real world.

The book starts slow and then picks up quickly when Circe decides she must leave the island regardless of what anyone else thinks about it. I liked how even though we’re seeing everything from her perspective, there’s still some mystery surrounding things like why she became a witch in the first place or what happened to her parents before they died (because they obviously didn’t die when she did).

I’m not usually one for retellings or historical fiction, but this book was so good! If you’ve read The Odyssey, then. Furthermore, it has won James Tait Black Award and the Costa Novel Award, named Best Fiction Book of 2018 by NPR, and named one of the best books of 2018 by The Washington Post, The Times (London), The Guardian, Financial Times, Slate and others.

Common FAQs of Circe PDF

Who wrote Circe?

Circe was written by Madeline Miller, an American author best known for her debut novel, The Song of Achilles (2012).

What is Circe?

Circe is a Greek goddess of magic, daughter of Helios and Perse, and the sister of Aeetes, Perses, Pasiphae, and Melantho. In Homer’s Odyssey, she is a sorceress living on the Island of Aeaea, who turns men into swine when they reach her island.

In later Greek mythology, she is often considered a minor goddess and messenger of the gods. Still, in some traditions, she was said to have been a nymph. The name Circe derives from the Greek kirks meaning “pig” or “boar”; it also means “circular movement,” which links her to the moon.

Where can I Download the Circe PDF?

You can easily download the Circe PDF from our website for free.

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