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As a book reviewer, I have read many books in my life, many of which were really good. But there are only a few that made me want to shout out loud about them because of how good they were. Cinder PDF is one of those books.

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Book Name Cinder PDF
Written By Marissa Meyer
Published Year 2012
Page Count 292 Pages
Download Size  .99 MB
Downloads 5,324 Downloads

The Storyline of the Cinder Novel

cinder pdf book

Cinder retells the classic story of Cinderella but with an exciting twist. The main character is a cyborg mechanic working in New Beijing who has to take care of her sickly stepsister. She accidentally gets caught up in the deadly politics of the Lunar Queen Levana. She must find a way to stop her before destroying everything she loves.

The plot was extremely captivating and kept me hooked until the very end. I loved how Meyer wrote about how people were treated based on their status in society and how important it was for people to be accepted by others because if you weren’t accepted, then you would be considered worthless by others.

It was portrayed exceptionally well through Cinder’s character as she had to deal with being looked down upon because she wasn’t human anymore after being modified into a cyborg due to an accident when she was younger. This accident caused her to lose an arm and leg but also gave her special abilities, including super strength and healing powers, making her more valuable than humans.

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