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In the book Anansi Boys PDF, we meet Fat Charlie. He has just lost his father and feels very alone in the world. His father was an important person in the town where he lived, as he was known for his parties and his many interesting stories about his travels. However, when Fat Charlie’s father dies unexpectedly, it is revealed that he had another son that no one knew about.

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Quick Summary of Anansi Boys PDF

Book Name Anansi Boys PDF
Written By Neil Gaiman
Published Date 2005
Page Count 170 Pages
Download Size  1.08 MB
Downloads 5,987 Downloads

Story of Anansi Boys Novel

anansi boys pdf download

The story is a coming-of-age tale about two half-brothers from different mothers: one legitimate and one not. Fat Charlie Nancy has spent his life trying to escape from his father. The latter has always disapproved of him for being fat, lazy, and unable to control his appetite.

As we described above, when his father dies unexpectedly, he receives a phone call from America saying he has a brother he never knew about: Spider, who stole Fat Charlie’s girlfriend Rosie away when they were teenagers.

Spider leads a charmed life as an actor on Broadway and husband to a beautiful woman named Daisy. But when Fat Charlie comes to visit him in New York City with news of their father’s death, everything goes wrong.

Spider abandons Daisy, leaving her pregnant; he goes on the run from the police after accidentally killing three gangsters during an argument over the bill at dinner, and finally, he ends up working as a performer in Florida with some other carnies while Fat Charlie tries unsuccessfully to track him down.

Fat Charlie’s father had one other son from another woman, who was also named Spider. This man used to be called Anansi but later changed his name after getting married.

Anansi Boys is the story of two brothers who are both spiders but don’t know each other until after their father dies. They both have different lives that they lead and different personalities, which causes them to not get along at first. Still, eventually, they start to bond over their shared love of stories and talking about things that interest them, such as music and movies.

Common FAQs of Anansi Boys

Why are the characters named after African gods?

The story takes place in England because they are African gods, but all the main characters are originally from Africa. Some of them have been in England for hundreds of years, but they are still African gods and goddesses.

Who wrote the Anansi boys pdf?

Anansi Boys was written by Neil Gaiman, an English author of short fiction, novels, comic books, graphic novels, audio theatre, and films.

When was Anansi Boys pdf by Neil Gaiman published?

Anansi Boys was published on 20 September 2005 through William Morrow and company.

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