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A Voice in the Wind PDF is a novel about the life of Jesus Christ written in first-person narrative by Francine Rivers. The book was published in 1993 by Multnomah Publishers and is now a part of their Classic Series. The book is set in Rome, Italy, during Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection.

Quick Summary of A Voice in the Wind PDF

Book Name A Voice in the Wind PDF
Written By Francine Sandra Rivers
Published Date 1993
Page Count 520 Pages
Download Size  1.6 MB
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The Storyline of A Voice in the Wind

a voice in the wind pdf book

The story’s main character is Marcellus, a Roman Centurion who is drawn to Christianity and its teachings. He was stationed as a guard at Golgotha to maintain order during the crucifixion of Jesus. He comes across a woman named Lydia, who becomes his friend while they wait for Jesus’ death on the cross.

She tells him how she became a Christian after meeting Peter and Andrew – two disciples of Jesus Christ. Marcellus is troubled by this information because he knows that Christians are being persecuted by his people. Still, he cannot deny it anymore because he has seen many miracles performed by Christ himself.

He meets Lydia again when she visits him at his home one day after being severely injured during a battle with some bandits outside Rome. She gives him comfort and helps heal his wounds. Download the A voice in the wind pdf to read the complete novel.

About Francine Sandra Rivers – Author of A Voice in the Wind Book

Francine Sandra Rivers is the author of more than forty books, including, The Voice in the Wind, and the best-selling Redeeming Love. She has been a pastor’s wife for over thirty years and lives with her husband in northern California.

Francine is also an award-winning novelist and inspirational speaker at national conferences. She has appeared on many television programs, such as Focus on the Family and Good Morning America.

Her passion for writing began when she was only seven years old. Every night before bedtime, Francine would climb into bed with her mother or father and ask for a story about Jesus to help her fall asleep. One night when she was nine years old, she asked her father to tell her about Jesus’ death on the cross at Calvary’s hill outside Jerusalem.

He began telling her how Jesus had died with such incredible love that He left us an example of how we should love one another—with such selfless devotion that we would even die for those we love if needed!


In the end, A Voice in the Wind PDF is a book about choices and consequences. It has profound lessons for readers of any religion or those without religion who wish to better understand the central issues of humanity: good, evil, God, and faith.

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